Welcome to Pro Martial Arts of Bridgeville

The PRO Martial Arts System is the result of decades of training and teaching experience. Our martial arts training ensures our instructors have the skills and knowledge to lead your child through a journey of personal growth and development.

Martial arts training from PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA encompasses an exciting and diverse curriculum of martial arts techniques. Our classes combine the skills and techniques drawn from the Korean arts of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. This unique combination of martial arts training ensures you or your child receive well rounded training in the skills that develop self-confidence, independence, discipline, and respect.

What sets PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA apart from the average martial arts training school is the addition of our inspiring and motivational Life Skills Training program. Students at PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA acquire more than just Black Belt kicking and punching skills. Students learn the value of a lifestyle of quiet confidence, poise, and fulfillment.

What’s more, at the core of every lesson at PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA is our exclusive bullying and predator prevention curriculum we call ARMOR®. The ARMOR® program is specifically designed to keep your children safe in both the real world and online. With ARMOR® training from PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA, your child will learn how to spot a bully by identifying the characteristics bullies use when talking to and interacting with others. We’ll teach your child how to be confident, respectful and assertive when dealing with a bully.

The ARMOR® training program also covers Predator Prevention. Understanding the difference between a stranger and strange behavior can be difficult for children to master. We can help. We discuss online safety, the importance of talking to a trusted adult, and other methods to keep your child safe from predators they may meet in public or online.

PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA is located on Washington Pike in Collier Towne Square. We are proud to be active members of the Bridgeville, Mt. Lebanon and Chartiers Valley communities. Whether we are at a town festival, health fair, fundraiser, or chili cook-off, we are always excited to meet members of the Bridgeville area community and to share our love of martial arts.

Would your Boy or Girl Scout troop like to learn more about karate or martial arts? PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA always welcomes group events. Please call our office to learn more about booking a group lesson or birthday party.

PRO Martial Arts of Bridgeville PA is your resource for a positive athletic experience. Call our office today to learn more about our martial arts training classes.