MA-Martial-Arts-KarateMichael Anderson
Head Instructor

Mr. Anderson is a 1st degree black belt and has been doing Tomiki Aikido for 6 years. He also has training in Judo. Tomiko Aikido is the only tournament based Aikido style and was developed at Wasada University in Japan by Professor Kenji Tomiki. Mr. Anderson’s Aikido dojo is the Denver Buddhist Temple and is taught by Ron Abo, a 5th degree black belt, who was taught by Seji Tanaka of the U.S. who was taught by Kenji Tomiki, thus creating a short lineage. Mr. Anderson has been in college for video game design and 3D animation. His pastimes are martial arts, drawing and video games.



JH-Head-instructor-karate-pro-martial-artsJordan Haines

I am a 3rd Dan in traditional Tae Kwon Do from American Karate under Mr. Jon Alster in So. Cal. With this training, I also have learned elements of Hapkido, Kobuto, and Escrima. I have been helping teach and teaching karate classes since I was in 4th grade, and have also assisted with coaching in the Olympic style of TKD – part of my 7 years with the CUTKD club. Also with the CUTKD club, I have competed at the national level for 6 of the 7 years. Overall, I have been in martial arts since I was 6 years old, and have been with Mr. Alster for all of it but the first year (plus my time at CU on and off). I continue to be passionate about it and love to teach it to others with the condition that the student(s) will listen, show discipline and respect, and an eagerness to learn the art.



MH-Assistant-Head-Instructor-Karate-Martial-artsMicah Hurkett
Assistant Head Instructor

I have a black belt in Hapkido, I specialize in children’s and women’s self defense, from avoiding a dangerous situation to defending oneself. I have been training in martial arts since I was twelve. I am very outgoing, enthusiastic and eager to help others feel ready to take on any challenge and protect themselves.