Bully Prevention

ArmorThe effects of bullying on today’s youth has hit epidemic proportions. The long-term damage to self-esteem on impressionable children is widely discussed, and makes headline news. With the proliferation of cyber-bullying and vulnerabilities posed by the Internet from predators, a program like this one is focused on making students aware. We give them the tools they need to stay safe in an unsafe world.

ARMOR® Bullying and Predator Prevention

The PRO Martial Arts exclusive bullying and predator prevention program teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. By enrolling your child, you acknowledge the serious safety threats that your child may face and are making sure they have the armor needed to stand tall against bullying behavior and predator activity – both online and in their everyday lives.

Bully PreventionBullying Prevention

We teach your child:

  • To recognize bullies and not become their victims
  • To carry themselves with confidence, set and respect personal boundaries, and to be assertive when seeking help
  • How to use martial arts defensive skills (as a last resort)
  • The characteristics of bullying and red flags to look for
  • How to avoid cyber-bullying

Predator Prevention

Predator PreventionWe teach your child:

  • The real safety issue isn’t just strangers, but STRANGENESS
  • How important it is to listen to their instincts and why they should always tell a trusted adult how they feel
  • Appropriate versus inappropriate adult behavior
  • Online safety and rules for families to go by
  • The importance of good communication between parents and children, as well as sharing with each other daily

Keep your child safe from bullies and how to recognize predatory behavior.