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Private Lessons and Pizza Party

Whether it’s a Mommy-and-Me day, playdate with friends or a Congratulations reward for a job well done, our Pizza Parties are nothing short of educational, fun and memorable! Complete with free pizza, beverages, karate games AND a private lesson with our top instructors, your little one and their 15 friends are in for a treat at PMA!

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Kick’n Birthday Parties

PRO Martial Arts Parties are a totally cool way for your kids to celebrate their big day with their friends and family! Each birthday party is designed to be fun and educational. Hosted by trained martial arts instructors, teach your child and their special guests fun, safe and enjoyable karate techniques. Our instructors offer a kid friendly atmosphere offering you a unique alternative to the ordinary arcade or skating rink birthdays. Book your party now!

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Building Character For A Lifetime

How much confidence is enough? It’s important to have the right amount of confidence.  Is it possible to have to little confidence?  Of course, it is. When we are in a new place facing a new task or challenge, it is natural to be cautious.  Confidence, like a lot of good healthy things, is only… | Read More


In today’s society, girls and boys are doing many of the same activities and martial arts should be no different. Sure, traditionally, it was for men when women played a different role. But, times are different now and if there is any concern about why girls shouldn’t be in martial arts, then, let’s alleviate those… | Read More


You know your child better than you may even know yourself. Their likes, their dislikes, favorite programs, best friends. From the day they’re born you have a front row seat to their lives. You are wonderfully fortunate to be a proud parent. Then one day, it seems like you do not know them. Are they… | Read More

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Student of the Day for Thursday- Alexis. She has great concentration and is able to make corrections on the spot. Her kicks pretty much go over her head which is excellent. However, while performing this super high kicks, she was ducking her head and leaning over too much and that is not good for her balance. She was asked to correct it and did it on the very next kick and was able to put an end to the bad habit almost instantly. Excellent work Alexis. ... See MoreSee Less

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Student of the Day for Wednesday- Anish. Class was all about using the Side Kick properly- meaning timing the kick correctly to stop your opponent instantly. Not only must the student have good form on the kick, but it must be locked out at the precise moment. This is no easy task as many factors must be calculated instantly and Anish did it. This is definitely a "wow" moment, great work Anish. ... See MoreSee Less

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Student of the Day for Tuesday- Lyrin. Basics are very important to a martial artist and to improve we need to practice those basics as if we just learned them. Today the focus was punching, something most students don't practice unless it is within a form. Locking the elbow, focusing on the two big knuckles, keeping the shoulders and hips square. Lyrin did an excellent job of working all the elements to a good, strong punch. Oh, she also learned that it is important to pull the punch back to home position with the same speed it went out. ... See MoreSee Less

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Student of the Day for Monday- Dylan. He is learning some new and difficult kick combinations, but is not deterred in any way. He continues to work hard and focus on improving. It is that attitude that has made Dylan a hard working and determined martial artist. Then, after kick combinations, he moved onto Self Defense where he was able to learn, practice and demonstrate 1-8 in order to earn his red stripe today. ... See MoreSee Less

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Student of the Day for Saturday- Noah G. This former Little Rhino keeps pushing himself to the next level. He is on a mission to move up to Leadership- he is demonstrating his techniques correctly and giving a solid effort each class. On Saturday he cruised through the warm-up and the Self Defense techniques. ... See MoreSee Less

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