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PMA Lake Orion Newsletter

November 2018

Hard Work & Good Friends

Student written essay

In the 4 years that I have been training, karate has quickly risen to one of the most important things in my life. It has become something I enjoy, I can rely on, and has also taught me many important character traits. I have learned how to be responsible and honorable. I have acquired the ability to stay focused, prioritize, and attain my goals. It has taught me perseverance, determination, and has played a big role in making me who I am today. Along with all of the important skills karate has taught me, the numerous friendships I have made while training have also helped karate become such an important part of my life. Pro Martial Arts has begun to feel like a second home after spending hours of rigorous training there, mixed with time with friends. 

-Sania H., Black Pre-Test 2 Belt 
Masters Student, 13 years old

Mr. Shamley's Moments on the Mat

“You can’t what if a hand grenade into a tank!” One of my favorite confusing quotes. What does it mean? Well for every time I hear, but what if xyz?? I say this quote because if a tank is coming at you and your only option is to throw a hand grenade into the hatch then you must do that, not think of all the what ifs and whys.

Recent test results

Friday, September 21st 2018 was our latest black belt test. 

Eileen passed her Jr. Black Belt test! 

Raj passed his 1st Dan test! 

We are very proud of both of them. The next time you see them in school make sure to congratulate them! 

Did you know?...

Tidbits from the industry

Did you know that a tournament name is not just picked at random, but that it can actually tell you a lot about the event? While this is not always the case (Many local tournament promoters use names that sound good) most events are named for their level of competition, number of schools/styles included and a variety of other reasons. For example: this tournament is an “Invitational” which means only one art is recognized by the judges and usually only schools from the same organization are involved. Other monikers include “Open” which allows for many styles. “Cup” which means the event has an impact on a state level for team standings and therefore is a much higher level of competition. There are many others so next time you are checking out a tournament flyer keep this in mind! 

A Letter from the Editor

Premier edition, what to expect next...

Thank you for reading our first ever studio newsletter! We plan on having a new issue every month. There will be new topics, event results and even some fun trivia in the future. The front page will feature an anecdote from an instructor. This month’s article was done by Mr. Shamley, next month will be What’s Up Ms. Bs Buzz? Followed by Mr. Pollocks Gotta Point and lastly There’s no I in Stencel. 

We would also like your input for future editions. One idea I have planned involves the students producing their own version called: The Students Spotlight. Students will compete for the chance to create their own newsletter. As of now info is limited, but it could involve best essay or group effort for the community. We will keep everyone posted once we get it all figured out. -Mr. Shamley

Fall Invitational Tournament 2018
*Picture from the 2018 Fall Invitational - PMA Lake Orion


This week’s spotlight is focused on Mr. Spivey! Most students and parents know Mr. Spivey as an instructor, but he started here over 6 years ago as a white belt! Through diligence and hard work Mr. Spivey not only earned his 1st Dan, but also a place on our staff as a paid instructor. He is also known for his wit and abundance of fun nick names such as Spivey-Man or the SSII.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Update

As a precautionary health measure for our Pro Martial Arts members, in light of COVID-19, some support and training options may be unavailable or delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience. This message will be updated as the situation changes.