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Private Lessons and Pizza Party

Whether it’s a Mommy-and-Me day, playdate with friends or a Congratulations reward for a job well done, our Pizza Parties are nothing short of educational, fun and memorable! Complete with free pizza, beverages, karate games AND a private lesson with our top instructors, your little one and their 15 friends are in for a treat at PMA!

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Kick’n Birthday Parties

PRO Martial Arts Parties are a totally cool way for your kids to celebrate their big day with their friends and family! Each birthday party is designed to be fun and educational. Hosted by trained martial arts instructors, teach your child and their special guests fun, safe and enjoyable karate techniques. Our instructors offer a kid friendly atmosphere offering you a unique alternative to the ordinary arcade or skating rink birthdays. Book your party now!

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Pro Martial Arts News

Remember When You Were in Charge?

I was walking in the mall and overheard a child about 8 years old completely giving his mother “what for”. As I looked at her face I could see that she was completely over it but remained silent and simply let this child continue his rant. Everyone in earshot was staring as she remained silent… | Read More

Breaking Bad with PRO Marital Arts

When people are unfamiliar a Martial Arts program they tend to focus on one thing, breaking boards. But the truth be known, the programs at PRO Martial Arts are more about breaking bad. Allow us to explain… At PRO Martial Arts we take pride in teaching children how to physically defend themselves when they’re presented with… | Read More

Who Runs the World?

In his book by this title, Noam Chomsky examined the way that the United States, through its military-first policies, largely sets the terms of maintaining a world-spanning empire. In her song, “Run the World”, Beyoncé she sends out a warning, “Boy don’t even try to take us”. She eventually makes the main point that underscores… | Read More

The Changes Are Easy to See

This combines excerpts from several parents of our students. It wasn’t long after my son started going to PRO Martial Arts that I started to notice a change. He was a typical 10-year-old kid. There were times that I wanted to get his hearing checked. It seemed like I was moving my lips, and nothing… | Read More


In today’s society, girls and boys are doing many of the same activities and martial arts should be no different. Sure, traditionally, it was for men when women played a different role. But, times are different now and if there is any concern about why girls shouldn’t be in martial arts, then, let’s alleviate those… | Read More


You know your child better than you may even know yourself. Their likes, their dislikes, favorite programs, best friends. From the day they’re born you have a front row seat to their lives. You are wonderfully fortunate to be a proud parent. Then one day, it seems like you do not know them. Are they… | Read More

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